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We discuss the Cardamom rit- ual relative to known funerary rituals of the pre- to post-Angkorian periods, and to similar exposed jar and coffin burial rituals in Mainland and Island Southeast Asia.

He has a way of physically hiding his emotions but can see it pouring from his eyes.

i wish all the cast in Goodmorning call will come in the philippines ??? Shun’ya Shiraishi has had a variety of roles in addition to Good Morning Call, all of which have been well done. ) For anyone loving his action roles, check out Higanjima, the TV series and movie from 2016, Akira was awesome!

I agree, as a romantic leading man Uehara is a role that is hard to beat. I wish more of his work had English subtitles (no dubbing, like his voice) and was available in the US. I will be watching Kamen Rider and much more of your work.

I agree, as a romantic leading man Uehara is a role that is hard to beat. I wish more of his work had English subtitles and was available in the US. #Uehara Yoshikawaforever This is so great, I did finished in 2 days! So addicted, I can't believe I did read the subtitles for hours and still I did connect with the show. I watched good morning call, I am a guy not into romance but this show was amazing I loved it it made me feel so empty inside when I finished watching the show it was that good and made me feel like I want to go to Japan I love japan made me feel like I want to meet these people it's my dream made me feel like my life is boring x D sadly but really good show I recommend It. Im trying to find similar shows and looking forward for more good morning call ❤❤❤❤❤ I knew his job in netflix Good Morning Call, this week.

(Take note Amazon Japan) He is a great young leading man already at age 27, whether action or romance, with many more years to entertain us, make us tear and adore his characters. I'm very happy to see japan's culture on tv in The other side of The world and with one actor who has so much talent. I'm brazilian and I hope to see you in others programs!

Saranghaeyo I have watch him on Good Morning Call an his amazing.

Keep up the fantastic job you are doing and am hoping that you are enjoying a healthy life.

Images were uploaded to this data collection as jpeg files as they were created in this format.

I am a big fan also of BTS and am studying Korean on my own.

I wish they will continue with many more seasons of Good Morning Call.

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The methodology used to generate optical images of inked fingerprints is fully reported in H. For the generation of marks undergoing ageing and analysed by MALDI MSI (subsequently statistically treated) no human donor was used; instead flat fingermarks” were employed.

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