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We split the check and needless to say, that was the end of it.

This was the first time in my life where I didn't pay the full way, and it was empowering!

Did 10 minutes of general chit chat and then starting talked about hobbies, vacations, sports, but I all I kept getting were 3 word answers.

In the past, I'd keep going and going, but about 20 minutes into the whole thing, I told her the standup show is over, if I'm going to perform here for your amusement, I should at least get a free coffee.

In the meantime you seem to be enjoy being abrasive towards women. because if this helps another man regain his confidence or his inner strength, then I'm all for it!

You gain your confidence back at the expense of others.

8/4 - Met another girl at Starbucks, this time, she was referred by a closer family friend, but similar kind of outcome, except she actually spoke more than a few-word answers.

If after chasing everyone from the room, you might reconsider and find a sweet spot somewhere in the middle. I get the feeling that, right now, you're using new dates to replay past dates, with a different outcome that affirms the New You. These are new people, meeting you for the first time, and odds are they don't want to be a do-over or an audience for you as you try on new, more abrasive caps to see which one fits the best.

Kind of like a Democrats/Republicans thing, or any opposing entities dynamic.

Reason why I like to bring out the Sopranos is it gives me a gauge about how sensitive a woman is, because it leads to not taking jokes and making me feel like I have to filter my speech and thinking.

It's difficult to find actual dating details instead of hypothetical discussions, and this is a great forum for actual details. I crossed the path in my life where I would bend over backwards, changing myself to no end to make a woman happy, and these 2 dates were the first example of that.

8/3 - Met a girl introduced by a family friend, at a Starbucks.

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