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Calderon, by the way, works part-time as a bartender at a gay bar, The Silver Fox, in Long Beach, according to the Long Beach Gazette.He says, “I’m surprised that CBS didn’t show my whole coming out story.Earlier that day JP had mentioned that the kids had made a "happy anniversary" note for us at daycare and that we could open it at dinner.I didn't think anything of it because their daycare is usually pretty good at having special occasions notes/crafts made and sending them home.For him to include our babies in the proposal, meant the world to me.Cheers to officially becoming a Sanchez and to spending the rest of our lives as husband and wife.By the end of the dinner Jesse, our oldest son, pulls out an orange paper and in my mind I was thinking "oh the anniversary note".As I start opening the note, my heart starts pounding because I start reading and in Jesse's handwriting it says "Mommy, will you marry daddy?

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The spark began Summer 2010 when one of our mutual friends invited me to the bowling alley & JP was a part of his team....

Could not imagine life without them and we cannot wait to create more wonderful memories as a family of four.

Babies are so excited mommy & daddy are getting married!

I think it was a stress factor, and it was pissing rain, you know?

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