Love in dating

Because when you’re busy loving your life you become *more* attractive, not less.

We don’t want to rescue someone from their loneliness, we want to join them on an adventure that has already begun.

They can be a good sounding board as you try to measure up a potential suitor.

They also provide some safe male/female attention, which, let’s be honest, feels incredible. If you don’t like your life right now, you have no business dating. We should go to a relationship to share a life, not to get one.

Or maybe it’s the shopping cart culture of the whole thing — who knows.

I *do* know this: if you’re doing the online dating thing, a filtration system is more important than .

As you’re dating someone, what you want might change. They want something more serious but they’re pretending they’re okay with just casual. If your visceral reaction to initial romantic interest is “Yay! Dating Jedis have systematic *checks* to filter out the unworthy.It’ll save you a ton of time and heartbreak in the long run..We have to get over the concept that everyone has to be our cup of tea, and that if they aren’t, there’s something wrong with them (or us).You won’t be afraid to say the hard thing because if it goes downhill, your tribe will still be there.People who feel loved are able to love others more freely.

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