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Now, the group’s leader has revealed that there’s plenty more music on the way.“I’m going to be releasing more music as and when I feel inspired in the lead-up to the film,” Skinner explained.“I’ve got a track that will be out by the time this runs, I think, Called ‘Call Me In The Morning’ with Chip and Grim Sickers, which is really good,” he continued.“And I’m planning a mixtape during 2019, as well as getting back into the swing of festivals.”“Then I’m going to make my film, release my album and after that we’re going to buy the West End off Andrew Lloyd Webber.”As , after his musical project of the same name.“It’s a farce about guys and girls getting into trouble in a club,” he explained earlier this year.Skinner was never featured on Cummings’ Instagram, but they have been subtly leaving breadcrumbs about their relationship.Skinner tagged her in his Instagram posts for months and even shared a Valentine’s post with her. But his small following (compared to Cummings’ 538k followers) didn’t pick up the hints.

Cummings was visibly in disbelief but her humor was intact in the video she shared on Instagram. This just goes to show that if you work on yourself, trust your gut, and keep your ego in check you too can find love on a dating app.

If you’ve been hanging out for more new music by iconic English hip-hop act The Streets, we’ve got good news, with Mike Skinner revealing a new record is on the way.

After forming back in the ’90s, The Streets burst into the mainstream back in 2002 with the release of their debut record, However, 2017 saw the return of The Streets, with a handful of new singles being released over the last year, and some reunion shows going down in Europe.

The Streets shot into the world's collective consciousness when the outfit, fronted by Mike Skinner, released their Mercury Prize-nominated debut album, 'Original Pirate Material' in 2002.

The Streets ended up releasing 6 studio albums but will be best remembered for their iconic debut album.

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