Outdated rules for dating

With this in mind, let’s look at 5 dating rules that definitely need to go and follow their predecessors into the abyss.

You have definitely heard of some iteration of this rule.

If you see a cute guy who is definitely sending the signals your way, ask him out.

Getting him a pair of matching pillowcases one month into a relationship is a tad too match.

I’d be rich by now if I got paid every time I overheard someone say, “Guys love the chase.” What if I don’t want to be chased? Asking another person out shouldn’t depend on your gender.

If you want to kiss your date first, go ahead and kiss away.

Everyone has his or her own idea on who should pay for the date. What is not fine is saying it “has to” be one certain way.

But here’s this: not avoiding but rather facing these so-called “touchy” issues can serve as a powerful bonding catalyst and give you with some common ground. We keep talking about the dating rules that you should or shouldn’t follow, which ones to break and which ones to break. During work hours you can find her writing about everything under the sun.It’s time to bring an end to these saying once and for all.Here’s to keeping an open mind when it comes to the dating world and not putting everyone into a simple little box.Yes, outright ridiculous rules women had to follow in the past to be at least remotely “dateable” are the thing of the past.But some rules are still there and they seem to be taking a lot of much-needed sincerity and fun out of dating.

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