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Someone should then check it out, and if it's all good, you can acquire a CVS account (or karma if you have one) and commit it.

Today a reader mailed me about manipulating XMLType columns when the data is longer than the 4K limit that character-type handling imposes.

Once you've got going, you can move the original phpdoc/en/reference/rar/ out of the way and put your own in its place, and try compiling the manual to see if it works.

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I already wrote a script that enables me to add a new gig to the list, this was relatively easy...

Now I want to write a script that enables me to edit a certain gig in the list.

Every Gig is Unique because of the first attribute : "id" .

I want to use this reference to edit the other attributes in that Node.

My PHP is very poor, so I hope someone could put me on the good foot here...

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