Polycom 301 updating initial configuration

For instructions on using Polycom ZTP to set your provisioning server address, please visit the official Polycom ZTP Documentation.Now that you have pointed your phones to a central provisioning server, you can use that to configure specific settings on your devices.If you are frequently deploying new devices and supporting existing ones, you might want to skip ahead to the section on using a centralized provisioning server. You can learn more about centralized provisioning servers here.If all went well, your phone should have connected using the settings and authentication credentials you entered above. Using a central server to provision and manage devices has many benefits.(Note that “Lync” base profile has been renamed to “Skype” in version 5.5.1, but they function the same.) When a VVX phone is set to Generic then the Web Configuration Utility will be enabled by default, but as this phone is or will be used with Lync/Sf B environments it is best to set or confirm this parameter before doing anything else.Enable Web Configuration Utility Back when UCS 5.3 was released a new default behavior was defined for the Lync base profile which automatically disabled the embedded web server.

Depending on the original purchasing SKU and/or status of the phone it will be set to one of two options by default: Generic or Lync.

Here at Phonism, we value simplicity and ease-of-use. I know what you’re probably thinking, it wasn’t THAT hard… Manual provisioning can be effective, but mostly when you are dealing with a small number of phones.

Below you will find that we have outlined the easiest ways to get your Polycom phone configured. There is little upfront work required and with 10 phones or less, it shouldn’t take long.

Not only will all of your information be stored and accessible in one place, but you will also benefit from: When using a central server, you will be configuring the device settings through the server’s GUI.

Since that varies between different solutions (Broadsoft, Core Dial, Phonism, etc..), we will help you get your phone pointed to that server.

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