Recon dating dating over 40s men

If you use a fake photo or a photo of a celebrity, Recon will immediately delete it and ask you to upload a real photo.

This lowers the chances of people scamming you or cat-phishing you.

Recon is a great place to make some fantastic new friends and acquaintances, enabling you to message, interact, or meet up with each other (be it privately, or at one of our many sponsored events worldwide).

For example, they’ll want to know what you’re into, whether you prefer piercings, tattoos, leather, etc.What you look for in someone, what attracts you and turns you on, and how active or passive you are. There are thousands of men registered from around the world, including your in your current location.The men are sexy and are all into the same thing as you.They can search for guys by the location, name, and their preferences (leather, BDSM, piercings, etc).While paid members have an unlimited number of profiles they can view in a day and they’re able to have a more thorough search.

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