Regina spektor dating only son

It kinda makes me tighten up a little bit, to tell you the truth.She used to tour more with me then she does now, [but] she's working some pretty heavy hours.After sitting down with Only Son’s Jack Dishel for a few hours and learning a bit about how he operates, it seems a bit ironic to forward him the Delicious Audio questions about the recording process.Dishel is not a musical magician in the strictness sense, but in the song, “Magic,” he is pretty clear: even if you know how he recorded that guitar, what preamps he used, how he miked the drums, and his relationship with his mom, you’ll never be able to assemble his soul.He has been in one celebrity relationship averaging approximately 14.8 years. Occupation: Music - Musician Most Famous For: The Moldy Peaches and Only Son, bands "I'm always trying to impress my girl.It doesn't make me nervous, it usually makes me better.Only Son’s second and latest record is “Searchlight.” The band is just the latest chapter in Dishel’s rich artistic history that includes notoriety as a teenage underground graffiti celebrity, time spent as a guitarist for the Moldy Peaches, and success fronting a previous solo project, Stipplicon. These activities further emphasize the point that it’s impossible (and undesirable) to try and pin this songwriter down simply by listening to the music (at least not before you search My Space for his hip-hop project, Jack Beats Bruno).Only Son’s music holds up beautifully on its own and the ever-growing collection of DIY music videos on the band’s website expands the picture with a healthy dose of humor, but the band is just one aspect of this highly creative artist.

Jack Dishel is currently married to Regina Spektor.

She wears a size nine in footwear and a dress size of six.

She favors long and colorful dresses which never fails to look good on her with her curly dark brown hair and dark red lip coat.

Until she got to the age of 17, the emerging star studied classical piano under the tutelage of Sonia Vargas who worked at the Manhattan School of Music as a music professor.

Regina’s performance in anti-folk scene gained her a lot of recognition in downtown New York City, and she started to self-produce and sell her CDs before she was recognized by known record labels like Spire and Shoplifter Records who took over the production of her subsequent albums.

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