Rowupdating dataitem null

I created a small sample that reproduces my problem: Gridview Data Bound event Hi All As many of you are aware I have been working on a Gridview project for over a month now trying to understand the exact workings and events of the Gridview. Each time a Check Box is clicked, I need to check it's Checked state and if it's checked, I add the corresponding row to the List Box control. The gird has following events: 'command', 'data Bound', 'selection Changed', ...

I have now come across a problem where my Data Bound event is setting a value in one of my Gridview Dropdownlists to be the same as the value of a “Hidden” field. On the other hand, if the Check Box is not checked, I need to remove the corresponding row from the List Box control.

Ive tried peeking in the cell controls in the debugger and its just not there. Ive duplicated it in a simpler test page, with a test database.

Then I have to load that dropdownlist with values from another table to show the available values that this DDL c...merge cells in gridview on row databound or rowcreated event add empty columns to the end of gridview i want to merge certain gridview row based on value of field say levelid at first when page load and data is bind to grid it merge the cells but when i click a button outside the gridview and do postback it add 3 empty columns to the end of the grid , please help in which event do i have to write.

In the Row Deleting event I want to access the Data Item of the deleted row so I can call the Delete method on the custom object. In other words, I have a List View and a Grid View populated from an Object Adata Source.

My understanding is that since I'm setting the datasource and calling databind on every page load including postbacks the Data Item should be available, but it is null everytime I access it. At the beggining I added a template column with a Check Box with Auto Post Pack enabled. NET Grid Events - This example demonstrates the events available into the grid.

I have a problem, with Grid View and Template Fields.

We have an application which creates maintenance screens based on an xml configuration file. This all works However, we have a new requirement to add Drop Down Lists to some columns to enforce data integrity.

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