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The way Chadwick and his girlfriend were sported they undoubtedly looked like they are dating and are a couple.

By the look of it, everyone would have thought the girl to be We were lucky to see Chadwick having a girlfriend even though it’s only on-screen.

Hello Chadwick, don’t be so silent about your dating plans.

Chadwick’s career began when he got his first television role in 2003, in an episode of Third Watch.

Though Chadwick is sported with a mysterious girl he has not openly stated to be dating her.

There is not even a single hint of him having any girlfriend or wife.

Not a single Instagram picture or a photo being caught somewhere, nothing.

But how did Chadwick Boseman miss to earn his name on the blessed list of celebrities with love life?

It’s sad but true that Chadwick Boseman isn’t dating anyone.

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