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I have a standard 64 GB card that reports 59.5 GB capacity (in 1024 byte terms) but 63,887,638,528 bytes in 1000 byte terms (hence 64 GB).If your card shows a capacity considerably less than the nominal capacity, the additional space is where the VW data is, and why you have to use a genuine VW card.LIST OF AFFECTED TOMTOM DEVICES GO 750 (W7) XL 2nd Edition (RC/RI/RN/RV) XXL 530/535/540/550 SERIES ONE 4th Edition (PC/PF/PI/PL/PO/PQ) START (XB/XD/XF/XH) EASE (XI/XJ/XK/XL) PLUS (XN/XM) XL 4th Edition (GJ/GI/GK/GP) GO 1000 (TD/TB) GO 1005 (SF/SB) VIA 110/130/220 VIA 120 (AN/AU/FM) START 20/25/45/55/60 XXL CLASSIC SERIES (GQ) GO 700 (M5) GO 630 (JB) GO 720 (M6) GO 730 (J4) GO 740 (WR/WL) GO 750 (W4) GO I90 (DC) ONE IQ ROUTES (P1/PS/P2/PU) ONE 140 (RED) (PM) XL 3rd Edition (R1/RS/R2/R4/RU) GO 820 (FT) GO 825 (FY) “We’ve been able to continuously improve our maps and software for the past 12 years for Tom Tom devices.

This is why, for some older devices, we have stopped providing updates, although customers with active subscriptions will continue to receive updates until their subscription ends.These videos are for guidance purposes only and do not replace the need to consult the owner's manual and any warnings contained therein.Should you have any concerns or queries please contact your local Volkswagen Authorised Repairer.I have the pro unit, so, as 182_blue says, the restriction does not apply.Can you see what the nominal capacity of the VW SD card is (32GB? ) and compare that to capacity as shown as the Properties on a PC/Mac?

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