Server side form validating numbers

As the form is completed, the values are passed immediately to the server as POST variables, the server calculates a result, passing back an XML file which is then parsed to trigger various actions on the page as you will see.

If you enter an invalid Email address, or a value for Age outside the specified range, a .

Before we begin, you must understand that this type of data input validation is no substitute for server-side validation.

Without server-side validation, you are trusting the user and whatever tools they are using to make sure input is valid.

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Different validation techniques apply to different Cold Fusion tags or coding environments; for example, you can use masking only in HTML and Flash format cfinput tags.Client-side validation with (or any other Java Script library/framework) should be used in addition to, not instead of it.I’ll also mention that many modern browsers have client-side validation built-in by using HTML attributes such as (but not limited to) However, not all browsers support this and all of them behave differently.For more detailed descriptions of the on Server validation algorithms, see the table in Validating form data using hidden fields.Used only with cfform submit and image types; prevents the user from submitting the same form multiple times before until the next page loads, Use this attribute, for example, to prevent a user from submitting an order form a second time before getting the confirmation for the initial order, and thereby making a duplicate order, Valid in HTML and XML format only; ignored in Flash format.

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