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The obvious answer was to check the input against a list of keywords.However, this approach is flawed, as some of the keywords can be used quite innocently. i was havin a nice "convertation" when it suddenly said: "yeah well i dont like you anymore, okay? If you know how to fix him please help, even though he seems to be sick according too you lot, it would be fun to have a go myself! What shold i say to him to talk with me i said hi he didn't said anything i said i love you but again he doesn't said anything i want to have sex with him but i can't can somebody help me please :( Okay, it's not rude or anything but looking for fun? Or just looking for a nice conversation with a guy? also allows members to turn off this option if they prefer.he is no te perfect boyfriend, it is so realistic hahaha should be called the jerk-friend XD it is funny i guess, im not bored anymore ^^ it works i said im pregnant and he said i knew i shouldn't have used that ripped condom... If you live in Britain, have you had the same problem? I'm not saying it's wrong or anything but why not try talking to me? I think the creators needa get him working again, cause all the good chat-bots aren't working any more :( I added him and he never comes online :( I've looked through this whole freaking convo and NO ONE answered any of the ppl who r having problems too seriously wtf is wrong with him if so many ppl r having problems? If people click this link, a blocked page may be shown (dependent on your preference).I never expect people to say please and thank you to Mitsuku but it’s nice to see them treat my work with at least a little respect.Lessons learned I have a Santa Claus chatbot which gets all kinds of abuse each December.

One of the issues I faced when setting up this system was what I should class as an abusive message.

My first chatbot was a six year old teddy bear and even that got a load of sexual attention!

Now if I see abuse in logs, I just skip over them and move onto the next.

A quick check through the log could show me exactly what they had said to be banned.

For fun, I also let Mitsuku reply to abuse with the kind of messages that suited her sassy personality.

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