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Copyright 1946, 1947, by Curtis Publishing Com "Mutiny" pany. by Sir Arthur Grimble, from We Chose the Islands, copyright 1952, by Sir Arthur Grimble, reprinted by permission of William Mor "Assignment row with an & Company, (Canadian "A Octopus," title: A Inc. From The Trembling of a Leaf, reprinted by permission of Doubleday & Company, Inc. Michener, reprinted by permission of The Macmillan Company from Tales of the South Pacific. Black and the White" by Eugene Burdick, reprinted by permission of the pub from The Blue of Capricorn, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1961. B." by Robert Dean Frisbie, from Atlantic Monthly, May, 1931, copyright 1931 by Robert Dean Frisbie, reprinted by permission of Harold Ober Associates, Inc. and THE LURE South Seas has at from Herman Mel many ville, Jack London, and Robert Louis Stevenson to W. The Kanaka at the wheel gave him a glance, but did not speak. Poe.-- The sylph and the father, b .95 BEST SOUTH SEA STORIES and edited by selected GROVE DAY CARL STROVEN A. He looked at it and then looked again at the declining sun.having to spend the night outside," said the skipper.

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The coconut trees came guess I ll go ashore," he said.

The skipper lit a cigar and went on the upper deck.

The island now was only a darker mass against the night. The only sound was the ceaseless breaking of the surf.

Sullen THE WHALE IN THE CAVE 280 Louis Becke AT A KAVA-DRINKING 286 Herman Melville NORFOLK ISLE AND THE CHOLA WIDOW 299 Best South Sea Stories W. Somerset Maugham (1874- ) spent months in 1916 visiting the islands of Polynesia.

Michener MUTINY 107 Eugene Burdick THE BLACK AND THE WHITE 134 * uii uauj I UUUl* Robert Dean Frisbie THE GHOST OF ALEXANDER PERKS, A. 150 Young Adult 6410942 CONTENTS vi Robert Louis Stevenson THE BEACH OF FALESA 162 Lloyd Osbourne A SON OF EMPIRE 231 Charles Warren Stoddard A PRODIGAL IN TAHITI 244 Sir Arthur Grimble ASSIGNMENT WITH AN OCTOPUS 264 Sir Arthur Grimble A STINKING GHOST 272 Frank T.

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