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Michaels also offers online purchases and has coupons you should be using. Moore sells bakeware, yarn and needle crafts, scrapbooking supplies, and floral among many other things. How Employees Are Treated: Amazon and e Bay and Etsy have a surprising amount of craft supplies at low prices.

How Employees Are Treated: Artist and Craftsman Supply is filled with really nice people that can help you out in extremely random locations throughout America, and Riese recommends them highly. If you’re having trouble finding beads or a the most specific shade of Hunter Green felt, these are the three places I’d recommend, as you can find exactly what you want, always.

These chain stores offer a valuable alternative to Hobby Lobby, and have never taken anti-women or anti-queer stances as far as I can tell.

This isn’t to say they are perfect corporations, but they are widely-accessible alternatives if you are having trouble finding independently-owned craft stores in your area.

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She teaches creative writing at Colorado State University and is pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts in her free time.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — An alleged sex camp is causing controversy in a community in Greene County.

I can also say with random confidence that they throw awesome children’s birthday parties.

How Employees Are Treated: Michaels is another giant arts and craft chain store.

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