A piece of advice – rather go for Tinder or We Chat that are notorious “looking for sex” chatting sites and they’re free. Listen, I get you don’t want to be caught at work on your PC on a dating site however don’t ask for my Whatsapp details which by the way is my personal phone number, before you’ve gotten to know me (as in after asking me how I am you proceed to ask “whatsapp? I know nothing about you so I will not give it to you just like that and then buggering off when I tell you not yet is not cool.

And people like me who are looking for a serious relationship don’t get caught in the midst of your penchant for sleeping around which is your choice but when my heart is involved there will be problems. Respect my privacy until I give you permission to come into that realm! I could spend days, no months sharing my lessons and stories but I don’t want to overwhelm any readers.

Take our guide to make the sex chatting most exciting and trilling In instances you chat at the top sexchatsite, it is important that you project a nice impression about yourself so that people gets attracted towards you.

This will enhances the chances of getting positive responses from the members of the freesexchatsite.

The online sexchatsites operate on mechanism that enables you to chat about sex with unknown people, from various parts of the planet.

The Freesexchatsites hold their respective terms and conditions for the users to avail its services.

And having no profile picture or a random non you pic scares me.

You could be a bored 15 year old who sends me to malls far from home only to be stood up!

As we get you to the freesexchatsite, you can enjoy the services, without having to pay for it.Being a Christian it would make sense I want to meet other Christians however I think it means something totally different online – Christian must mean sex freak because the amount of guys who totally disregarded my beliefs and went straight to the dirty talk was 9/10. So when I say I’m looking for friendship that possibly will lead to more it doesn’t mean friend with benefits. Ashley Madison is not the site to hack for married people seeking affairs, try normal online dating sites, the amount of married men that tried their luck with me was unbelievable! They send you a message or on Tinder they swipe right and you reply to them and nothing..................... There’s nothing worse than trying to chat to someone who was the one who initiated the contact and its stale. If a guy doesn’t meet you within two weeks of chatting move right along.Dirty pics and chats were from the get go even though I was straight with them. I get there are people out there who like that stuff, but not all of us do and the moment you do that, guess what, delete and block. To you yes because you are trying to score but not to me so don’t. You don’t know me or how I operate and I can easily post that pic for the whole wide world to see. Listen guys, if you are going to swipe right or send a chat request be prepared to CHAT! What’s the point if you are not going to even do anything? Chances are you are just a distraction until the one he really wants comes along or because you are not a sex addict and they now know it they are not really interested until you finally give it up.The same goes for all genders and preferences, don’t waste your time with someone who always has excuses to meet.Excuses to watch out for: I don’t have money now or waiting for payday (and it’s the 7), I am too stressed right now and I don’t want you to see me this way (can’t believe I fell for that one), I have too much work to do (granted it’s a good excuse however why are you online dating if you are not going to go out with people you meet online because you’re always working? There are more as I’m sure some of you probably could comment about as well. Profile pictures or lack thereof speaks volumes – okay, if you don’t post a picture how are you supposed to get noticed?

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