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And if you do go further the relationship, you will want your church Community to accept and approve of your date.Get to see the date with other friends Sometimes when we date people, they can present an image that is too perfect but when they’re with their friends, even their church friends, you’ll see how others respond to them, respect them, and how people deal with you in a relationship with them.Here’s the way Dave would pray this for Jan: “Father, I pray this for Jan, that her love will abound more and more in both knowledge and depth of insight, so that she will be able to discern what is the best, and will be pure and blameless until the day Christ returns.” You might want to read through Paul’s letters, and other books of the Bible, looking for prayers that you can pray for each other.This can be a very meaningful way to pray for your spouse.

A Christian couple is likely considering marriage and once married they will be expected to go to church together, whether they go to his church her church.

We do this to edify our spouse and make them feel loved.” One of the things we do is find different prayers in the Bible and then agree to pray them for each other.

For example, one of our favorites is a prayer Paul prayed for the Philippians in chapter 1, verses 9 and 10.

Now that we have the plan, what do we do as a couple when we pray together?

A basic premise to keep in mind is the importance of praying for each other.

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    In my opinion, if you can't agree that cruelty to animals is unnecessary, and that meat is unnecessary in maintaining a healthy diet, it doesn't bode well for a successful, loving future together. Of course you remain independent people, but when you share so much of your life with someone it makes sense that you need to be morally on the same page.

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