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Shadow the Hedgehog Shadow is a black male anthropomorphic hedgehog. Down A: Bounce Attack W: flip kick Sonic Charrie Maker Create your furry girl in all diffrent modes and ways with every detail hidden in!

He is Sonic The Hedgehog's rival and is considered to be an anti hero, and was created to be the "Ultimate Life Form" by Gerald Robotnik. Hit spacebar to shoot Sonic Boom Cannon 2Pick the character then buy them and pick the level then launch them to max your ring score to unlock other people and levels to launch at, from the werid tails doll in robotniks ship to the emerald hills theres plenty to launch into and enjoy with Sonic Boom Cannon 2. , There isnt a lot of clothes but the rest of the features are awesome and this is the updated version with permission to use this game on our site. (Don't report this just because the picture doesn't show sonic right?

Choose the items you want him to wear and show off your styles in this short dress up game. (Recommend you play this on low detail.)Sonic Fan Character - Doll Maker A really good fan character doll maker games, you can choose every colour the way you want it to be, use the middle of it to choose the base colour and click on the icons to change the appearance there colours too.

Sonic 3D Snowboard It's a snowboarding game with sonic as the awesome snowboarder! Sonic ATV in Mario Land Drive around Mario Land and collect the coins and smash down the tiny koopas but be careful as the hills in Mario Land are very complex. Sonic Heroes Puzzle This game is similar to tetris in a way. You clear them with matching characters or power blocks.

One of the most nefarious and notable bugs in the game happens when you unlock your FIFTH emerald. Click on the orange plane, then click on Sonic's tits. Go to the bedroom, get nude, and click Sonic's vagina. Click on the question mark in the lower right hand corner.

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This is the best Sonic flash game there is hands down.

There are multiple characters to pick from when you start a new game (some of which need to be unlocked) and there are many acts and scenes to play.

Created as the Ultimate Lifeform, Shadow is immortal and ageless. Sonic Break the Targets Play Sonic Break the Targets game where sonic must try and break all the targets just like in Super Smash Bros games. Hold the "a" key and let go fast to do the flame roll. Sonic Christmas Game An RPG of sonic the hedgehog as he makes the best of this season. )Sonic Earth Sonic Earth, Sonic and amy get transformed into humans..

Directions: Left/Right Move left / right While carrying a weapon, press the "x", "f", "m" OR UP key to shoot Spacebar Jumpshort sonic dress up game Click on to the items located on the right and drag them across on to sonic the hedgehog. Hold the "a" key for longer, then let go to do the spin dash. Go to various parts of the city and try to make the best out of the whole experience before the moves run out. Sonic Crazy World Jump using the mouse left click and smash into those rings and collect the rolling balls to gain even more points, the blue rings are short bonus stages. Sonic Dress Up Character Designer Change your background, give your character a unique name, change the colors of your character, add some hair and change other body parts. Help them both get back to themselfs through the stages and defeat robotniks evil droids and baddys...

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