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A directly elected Senate will have the people behind it, and this will give it a checking and revising authority that no nominated or co Llege-elected Chamber can possibly have. Roebuck shares rose o points United States Steel Common and coprir stocka * U* under restraint.

I ag Tee with “Tory Democrat” that in any case the inevitable tendency will be to develop all the conservatism desirable or necessary. That is not the old spirit of Toryism, which over and over again has asserted the rights of the nation at large against the tyranny of the Whigs, who, it must be remembered, long had a permanent majority in the House of Lords. To tbe Editor of “ The Standard.” Sir,—The following considerations appear to me to be essential to any reform which it now appears will be loft for the next Unionist Government to effect: Reform, to carry the nation with it, must be fair to the elected majority and minority alike. The Upper Chamber must be composed of two equal elected representative sides, elected by the House of Commons, one-haif by those returned as supporters of the Government, the other half by thosje returned as opponents of the Government. To the Editor of “ The Standard.” Sir,—The scheme outlined in your excellent article of September 5 is too complicated. The widespread constituency of Sevenoaks, embracing 280 square miles, is an exceedingly pleasant district to explore. Forster has now only got to draft his Thanks to the Electors ” for sending hiip to Westminster for the eighth time. Lubbock, Sir Henry Lennard (one of the keenest and most active Unionists in Kent). Some slight activity 'n national Harvester shares at an advance, and a w cline in Louisville and Nashville ia2 price were the Icatures ot the buying increased on the public.ition crop report, and there was a pretty oi the early losses.

Stephen’s Chambers, Westminster, is the central association, with Lord Hillingdon as president, a very strong list of vice-presidents, and an Executive Committee embracing some of the best workers of the Unionist cause in Kent. P., chief of the Unionist party organisation, made an important statement last night on House of Lords reform. Days ago it seemed as if nothing new could be said on any of the subjects discussed during the past month, but to-day. Similar cenes were witnessed in other parts ot the constituency. The first day’s operations of the 1st and ‘2nd Divisions, which took place yesterday, are described below — A CRITICAL NIGHT. A p Hrt of his command lie had detached and placed under Brigadier-General R. Davies, an officer of the New Zealand force-- attached i for the time being to the British Army. which were seized by noon and left in the care of the cyclists of the Hth Brigade. There they came into contact with tho Brown cavalry, and a lively skirmish took place in the late afternoon, the Whites holding the place until ousted by superior numbers, and then falling back on Thetford, where the infantry were beginning to arrive fresh and free after a 14-mile march almost without a halt. Smith-Dorrien, who as general officer commanding-in-chief is holding his inspeetional manoeuvres previous to the departure on Sunday from Ludgershall and Tid-worth of the «‘3rd Division for the grand manoeuvres. He has chosen quarters near the edge of the village of Limbach, four miles to the south-west of Oschatz, which, with Mügeln, is one of the chief places of interest during the operations. The furniture in the Imperial hut consists of a desk, a cupboard, a table, and two chairs, all of deal, a camp bed, a zinc bath, and a pitchpine wash-stand. So.35 1 4.fl(b..4ri 1 1 ite.'t twelve unmoored buoys repie entiiig floating mines and bearing certain numbers were di.'tnbuted within an area described by imaginary lines three miles east and vr-|, the Palace Pier nnd three miles seaward.

F\ do Lisle Solbe acts as secretary and agent, at St. Over a hundred meetings were held from early morning till late at night. Tho speakers and many of the opposing forces in tho crowd were often talking and shouting at the same time. whkh went on till the arrival of the Unionist candidate and his supporters. By the end of the week the 3rd and 4th Divisions will be mobilised from Salisbury Plain and Aldershot respectively, and will then, for the purposes of the grand manœuvres, be united to form a defending army against the 1st and 2nd Divisions, which will be united to form an invading army. The peaceful life of the south-west corner of Norfolk has been rudely disturbed to-day by the passage of armed forces, who have for hours been hurriedly pushed along the pmaz- 1 ing network of roads and lanes from nf these by a detached White force, brought round by sea and landed at Holkham Bay. accounted for the presence this morning of General Lawson’s dni.-ion in Norfolk. He sent his cavalry well ahead to secure the river crossings at Thetford. War has again broken out on Salisbury Plain, but in this instance at the desire of General Sir H. The Emperor is living a strenuous existence throughout the week. as the reward of their rapidity and skill, are now entrusted with the duty of guarding the camp.

Lloyd Georjre himself has acknowledged his supreme ability and aid.

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Any vacancies during an existing Parliament would, of course, be tilled in the same manner. Why not a Chamber of 100 or 150, with full power over finance, elected by men and women whose qualification to vote would be production of Income-tax receipts upon £300 per annum? Seal, Kem-sing, and on to Sevenoaks, and had had conversations and made many inquiries, getting thoroughly saturated with the “ absolute certainty ” of things, I felt quite dissatisfied. Leger this week, and Lomond may not win, while despised Tagalie has a chance.

London Standard (Newspaper) - September 10, 1912, London, Middlesex 8THE STANDARD, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1912. This would give thirty lords out of a total of, say, 240. One opinion was: “ We must make a bigger effort in the matter of subscribers, even if only ‘shilling' subscribers. Steel-Maitland said that many people declared themselves opposed to a purely hereditary Second Chamber. had a fairly accurate knowledge of his opponent’s forces. Northland has its capital at Gloucester, whilst Winchester represents Southland, with Salisbury as principal military station. It is commanded by ( ojonel Forestier Walker, who is shortly to take up the appointment of Brigadier-l ieneral. Croydon is alarmed at the prospect of :ts water supply passing into the hands of a private concern, and the corporation is making great efforts to prevent such an occurrence. The sole note of luxury the kitchen, which is complete and up to date.

obtain an agreement on the main lines of reform among all sections of tho Unionist party, and this, I am sure, your efforts will go far to promote.—I am, Sir, yours truly, C. Such a proportion would be less than the importance of the outer Empire justifies, but there aro practical objections, such as distance and 'he expense of maintaining representatives who must almost necessarily be paid considerable salaries, to a larger scheme of representation. There is a little laxity here, and while the money question is, of course, important, it is far more important to bind active workers by getting them to pay even a small amount. The local branches of the Tariff Reform League are not taking any risks, and are working very hard, and the habitations of the Primrose League never slacken in interest. He wa3 bound to say that he would like a purely elected Chamber. Attempts were made by the White force to get the range of the aeroplane each time it made its appearance over the columns, but the range-takers differed so much in their estimates of the height and speed at which the machine was travelling that it was useless to attempt firing on it. The two armies are of equal strength, but White has the advantage in mounted troops, and her army was ready first, the Brown mobilisation being still incomplete when war was declared by White. 1 he White force is composed of a cavalry detachment from the Cavalry School. Ever since the Ea-.t Surrey Water Company decided to apply to Parliament for powers to use more water from the source of Croyaon s supply lor the benefit of other districts in Surrey and Sussex tiiere has been unusual activity in the corporation offices. It is noted that the menu this evening includes lobster and venison.

I advisedly ignore the possible possession of private means, for in a matter of this kind brains, as distinct from money, even in modest quantity, are the desideratum. ” and he would, now ask in return: “ How are you going to make it possible to cheapen land by taxing it? Dawn should see a decisive move which will solve the fate of the priceless stores at Newmarket. But the Croydon authorities have realised that their member alone may be unable to carry his case, and so many other members of Parliament—particularly those interested in local government—have been approached, and several have already signified their intention of supporting the Croydon Corporation in the House of Commons. Burns, who is well known in Croydon, will respond to the urgent appeal recently made to him by the town clerk and put the weight of his personality into the Croydon scale. The conditions for this handsome Irophv demand iomrthmg out- of the ordinary, and the greatest riva Irv rv i =.15 tor its p*''s.-ession.

Finally, I think the Mother-country ought to bear at leat its fair proportion of the very moderato cost of such a scheme. ” There was a difference between taxing manufactured articles and taxing land. Lieut.-General Sir Douglas Haig is acting as director and umpire-in-chief, and he has made a tour of the positions of the forces at dusk, and to-morrow General Sir John French is expected to witness the decisive moves. 'The proposal which Croydon is fighting is that the quantity of water which the East Surrey Water Company now draw from Kenlcv and Purley- Croydon's water source — shall be increased. Yesterday ." conte t wrjs one ot the hort, °n record, and ' ictorv iinally re.-ied with Mr.

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