Suga mama dating

In the African continent, they’re called Sugar mummy, while in the UK and USA, they’re mostly referred to as cougars or momma’s. You can choose to call them Cougars, Sugar Mummy, Sugar Mommy, sugar mama, etc.

If you are interested in history, I’ll love to take you down memory lane.

When it comes to Sugar Mummy dating, this is one question most people gives different answers, but it’s surprisingly simple.

Sugar mummy dating is a form of a dating where an older woman (momma, cougar) want to be in a relationship with the younger male (Sugar Baby).

We speak for them and get them connected with any guy of their choice, or provide them with a list of available young guys with the same characteristics, height, educational background, age, etc.

A sugar mummy is a woman who is in a relationship with a guy who is much more younger than her in age ONLY.

A sugar daddy is a matured man who spends money on a younger girl in exchange for love, relationship or intimacy.

Defining sugar mummies won’t be complete without first explaining how it works.

Meeting a sugar momma is 100 percent FREE and you don’t need to pay anyone for connections.In this situation, both the cougar (older woman) and young guy enjoy several mutual benefits.The benefits are numerous but can be narrow down to financial freedom for the younger guy.Yes, the old woman was played by Bisset in the Movie and was called a “cougar” because she had sexual relationship with a younger man. in the 21st century, older women dating younger guys is no longer surprising, and on a daily basis, we’ve come across 40-year old women dating twenty (20) plus year old guys.Some women decided to date younger guys just to relive their twenties or what they missed during their twenties.

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