Sugar and spice dating

Diane Weston (Marley Shelton), the popular head cheerleader of Lincoln High School's A-squad, becomes pregnant by the star football quarterback Jack Bartlett (James Marsden).

At Christmas, Diane receives an engagement ring from Jack. Something not naughty.” Customer’s Husband: *to me* “You got Coke products? We have fountain drinks which have HFCS, and the bottled drinks are all cane sugar. ” Customer’s Husband: “I think I’ll have a Cherry Coke.” Customer: “Cherry Coke? Saccharine is fine, aspartame isn’t…” (She begins to look at the options in our cooler as her husband, wearing a ‘live free or die’ hat, enters.) Customer: “Get something to drink. Lisa, Diane's bitter rival, occasionally runs into Jack at the rental store.She is interested in winning Jack's heart, but fails to get his attention.

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