Tacoma guitar dating

Use a clean, damp section of the cloth to remove any residual detergent. For fingerboard and bridge maintenance: Tacoma recommends using high-grade lemon oil.After removing the strings and bridge pins, apply a light dab of lemon oil onto a clean dry cloth and gently rub into the bridge and fingerboard.Tacoma gloss models, use lacquer based UV polyester applied to the thickness of about three layers of standard paper. On Tacoma satin models, they use an acid catalyzed 15% sheen conversion varnish.All gloss models have the option of the following finishes with a 0.00 up-charge: BK - High-gloss opaque Black CB - Transparent Amber to dark Cherry teardrop sunburst SB - Transparent Amber to dark Tobacco teardrop sunburst TC - Transparent Dark Cherry *** To order, simply add the appropriate suffix to the model number - BK, CB, SB, or TC.Gloss finishes: Apply a small amount of pump polish to a soft dry cloth to clean the surface.If desired, use a dab of Carnauba wax on a soft cloth and apply in a circular motion to the surface. Satin finishes: DO NOT USE oils, polishes, or waxes.

*** Please note that Tacoma cases are NOT covered under their " Lifetime Limited Warranty" and are not OFFICIALLY approved by the Airline Transport Association (ATA) for adequate protection from in flight damage to instruments).

For simplicity's sake, Tacoma recommends continuing the use of light gauge strings.

Any damage incurred by switching string gauges may void the warranty.

A basic rule of thumb is; if you are uncomfortable with the temperature and humidity in your room/ house/place of storage for your guitar, then your guitar is uncomfortable there as well.

If humidity levels are out of balance your guitar could warp, crack, swell or incur some type of trauma.

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