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FACEBOOK_CONNECT_FAILED":"Failed to connect with Facebook","errors.facebook Connect. POLLEN_CONNECT_FAILED":"Failed to connect Facebook account with Pollen","errors.create Ambassador":"An account with this email address already exists","errors.create Ambassador Number.ALREADY_EXISTS":"An account with this number already exists","errors.create Ambassador it reduces the need for engineers to blow fibre through underground ducts and to splice individual fibres together) and money by avoiding the need to dig up footpaths or driveways, while also using the latest ‘ Apparently the first to benefit are 230 houses on the Bracklenleigh estate near Carlisle (Cumbria), with another 70 new build homes on the estate also benefiting as a result of Openreach’s free FTTP deal with property developers, which applies to all new housing developments with 30 homes.Over 55 households on the estate have already signed up to the “Matthew Hemmings, Openreach’s Regional Director for the North, said: “I’m delighted to see customers in Brackenleigh already benefitting from this initiative, some of whom have struggled with lower than average speeds in the past.

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