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The pageant was first held in 1983 and has been broadcast live on CBS until 2002 and then on NBC from 2003–2007.In March 2007, it was announced that the broadcast of the Miss Teen USA pageant on NBC had not been renewed, and that Miss Teen USA 2007 would be the final televised event.Currently, it is hosted by You Tube (Ustream from 2008–13).In addition, the webcast can be accessed on the pageant's Facebook page and on mobile devices using the official Miss Universe mobile app released during Miss USA 2016.

All three failed to make the cut at their respective Miss USA pageants.

The 2017 pageant was the first to include both a 360-video option for virtual reality headsets and HDR10 support for Xbox One S owners.

The 2018 pageant featured support for Dolby Atmos audio and 4K video on the Xbox One S and X consoles.

Since then, it is broadcast over the Internet on the Miss Teen USA website.

It can be viewed worldwide, without any region restrictions via geolocation.

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