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In the morning, I usually check to see if there are any new scientific studies that cover relationships or dating. Let me tell you what’s definitely worth making time for, worth your time if you have the time and totally not worth your time at all. The lowdown: If a guy’s not treating you right — not asking you out, not calling you, not marrying you — it’s because he’s just not that into you. Best advice: “Guys tell you how they feel even if you refuse to listen or believe them.If you met me, I’d question you to death about your exes. ‘I don’t want to be in a serious relationship’ truly means ‘I don’t want to be in a serious relationship with you’ or ‘I’m not sure you’re the one.’ (Sorry.)” Read it or toss it: Read it, but with the realization that there are some exceptions. And if you’re not getting what you want from a guy?Best advice: “Newsflash: It’s not the guy who determines whether you’re a sports fish or a keeper — it’s you. Be a high value woman (showing self-confidence, integrity, femininity and independence) and a desirable woman (playful and spontaneous) and men will get in line.When a man approaches you, you’re the one with total control over the situation… Best advice: “The bottom line is this: Women who live passionate lives are inherently sexy.You can tame the beast by being playful, unpredictable and proving you’re a smart, sophisticated, high-caliber woman.Best advice: “Every woman must have a set of personal standards that she will not compromise just because she wants love… There are five ‘must-haves’ that build relationships, not walls: trust, respect, personal space, honesty and quality time.” Read it or toss it: Read it.On the one hand, it teaches you to open your eyes to possibilities — and it’s eerily accurate about describing how guys of this generation think and behave.On the other hand, dating isn’t “dead” and I think guys who are romantically interested usually will go that extra mile for you.

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Best advice: “Be a Creature Unlike Any Other, which is about doing the best with what you have, not wishing you were someone else.” Read it or toss it: Toss it. As I like to say — right now, today, immediately.” Read it or toss it: Read it, definitely, but realize my love/hate relationship with this book.So, no matter what relationship or life stage you're at, Baber has some words of advice for you.Though there's a ton of "bro" humor in these pages, it's impossible to deny that Baber offers excellent, sane, and positive relationship advice to men.The lowdown: Quality guys have a Bad Boy side, and we women like that edge and confidence.This guy doesn’t want to settle down — except for the right girl.

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