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LM7Though it did not offer the top-end charge of the LS2-LS6 grinds, the (late) LQ9 cam offered impressive power gains over the LM7 and would be a good upgrade for a 5.3L truck owner or someone looking to improve performance without sacrificing low-speed torque production.

The LS2 cam impressed with its power production, offering more than 400 hp (peak of 403 hp) and just less than 400 lb-ft (399 lb-ft).

Though the L33 offered more power than the mild LM7, it’s hardly worth the effort. 5.3L)With the highest lift and longest duration of any factory cam, it was not surprising that the LS7 offered the greatest power gains.

Grab one of the hotter factory (or Crane) cams if you are going to upgrade. Since the LS7 was designed to be run with 1.8 rockers, we ran the cam both ways.

It’s important to note that the power gains offered here would likely be magnified had we tested the cams on a larger 6.0L. LM7Contrary to popular belief, the L33 cam is not the same as the LQ9 grind.

The L33 was essentially a high-lift version of the LM7 with a few extra degrees of duration.

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