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source: engadget If memory serves us right, Twister kicked off the DVD revolution with some good times, so what special film will usher us into the Blu-ray era?What masterpiece of cinema will warm our hearts in all it’s HD glory?Sony says that “this achievement will help everyone understand that Blu-ray is real and poised to enter the marketplace,” but we’re guessing and hoping it will take more than this to win the format war. The update process starts, but before any messages even come up on the screen, my psp freezes to a black screen. It will activate usb, and it will allow you to execute a recovery eboot.pbp…in a curious path (“ms0:/PSP/GAME/PS3NEWS_ARE_STEALERS_I_AM_NOT_GONNA_VISIT_THEM/EBOOT. PBP”) which is not at sight of an hex editor ;) If you visited ps3news and bricked in last release, then blame his administrator.You sure guessed it, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle just received the full-on Blu-ray treatment from Sony, including “dynamic menus with full resolution graphics and animation,” and of course, a 1920x1080 flick of that female crime fighting trio.

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Here's what I did for anyone else facing the same issue.

I tried to do it directly but of course it wouldn't work, so I tried to update to 3.52 M33-2 (the next logical step). I'm using an 8gb card now, you think that may be causing a problem?

I've done this a few times with older updates but never had a problem.

He is the one that modified the files and had them in the server for lots of hours knowing the consequences.

As this person doesn’t care about publishing homebrew coders personal info because he thinks he’s funny and hursh doing that, we dont think he will mind either that we “leak” his data :) After all is nformation that can be obtained publically.

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