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Hi' Every one I m using msacess data base to connect My Jtable I use JDBC to get data from database and print it in table every thing but i want if i change any cell value of table of any whole row value of table .

The changed value should be updated in databse is there any posbility to do that.

Then I googled and everytime I get a stackoverflow link for suggesting to run Add-Migration Initial -Ignore Changes If I run this command and then run the update command, No error - Running seed method Using an Existing Database Depending on the state of your context you need to the one of the following...


If omitted, the context is assumed to be in the same project used for migrations.

Specifies the name of a connection string to use from the application’s configuration file. If omitted, the context’s default connection will be used.

Specifies the directory to use for the app-domain that is used for running Migrations code such that the app-domain is able to find all required assemblies.

Active Connection = con 'delete all records first if checkbox checked If . Execute "delete from tbl_demo" End If 'set first row with records to import 'you could also just loop thru a range if you want. Close Set con = Nothing End With Exit Sub err H: Msg Box Err.I have an sql database and I am able to connect with excel spreadsheet. Sub Button Click() 'TRUSTED CONNECTION On Error Go To err H Dim con As New ADODB. Recordset Dim str Path As String Dim int Import Row As Integer Dim str First Name, str Last Name As String Dim server, username, password, table, database As String With Sheets("Sheet1") server = . Command Type = ad Cmd Text 'Create the SQL str SQL = "UPDATE TBL SET JOIN_DT = '2013-01-22' WHERE EMPID = 2" 'Pass the SQL to the Command object cmd.But when I update the table from excel directly it's not updating the database and once I click refresh all the entered data is no longer in the excel table Is it possible to update sql database from excel without using any queries? Command Text = str SQL 'Execute the bit of SQL to update the database cmd. Try out following example to understand update operation.You need to provide an employee ID to update an employee salary.

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