Updating firmware on router speed dating cadillac

We recommend that you use an Ethernet connection from your computer to the router.If you are using a laptop, make sure that it has sufficient power to complete the process.Depending on when you bought your router you could be using a outdated version of security.Keeping an updated security version is crucial if you want your private data to remain private.A firmware update can be somewhat dangerous if you don't take the right precautions.If the update is interrupted at any point during the process, your router could become useless.

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For example, if you have an Archer C7 version 4, you would choose version 4.Most people are unaware that you can update your router without going to the store and buying a new one.To keep up with the growing computer world a router will become obsolete rather quickly without occasional firmware updates.The picture shows an example of the Firmware Upgrade section, listed under Administration, on a Linksys network router.Point the firmware upgrade section to the firmware file you downloaded earlier and start the upgrade.

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