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Why not download a trial version of CS4 and try it out?

That's really the only way to know how the new features work and whether it's worth the cost to upgrade. Although I think if I had started using Lightroom before upgrading I might have just gone to the new version of Elements. This allows filters to be applied and objects scaled without affecting the original image resolution or detail. I don't think there was that much in CS4, bridge works a bit better and has improved filtering.

Also - can anyone comment on the cost of this upgrade from Adobe? No sense in giving Adobe 0 every 18 months just for an ego blast.You can also bundle it with Lightroom fairly cheaply, and if you do any amount of printing Lightroom is pretty good, the printing package features in CS4 really stink, even compared to CS3.We have sorted and assembled the answers to the most frequently asked questions here by subject.I'm still running CS3 (and was CS before that)If you have a decent Internet connection, Scott Kelby has a series of 4 videos on his blog that highlights many of the new things in CS4: There are also tons of videos over on Adobe TV.In particular, "The Complete Picture" series by Julieanne Kost is very good and covers both CS3 and CS4: complete picture Also, just a comment of my own: if you shoot raw files, Adobe's raw developer, "Adobe Camera Raw", has seen much improvement since CS2 in both quality and functionality. Some people have talked about the need for a more powerful machine to handle the new Adobe program.

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