Updating jailbreak 2 1 to 2 2

Wait 30-60 seconds, and the Yalu app should appear on your home screen. Then open the Yalu app on your home screen and wait. If you reboot, you will have to run the Yalu app before any jailbreak tweaks/apps work again. If you reboot after the 7 day window, you will effectively be "locked out" of your jailbreak until you can get to a computer.

You will then need to redo all of step 2 before you can jailbreak again.

First, unc0ver i OS 12.2.1 jailbreak didn’t work, then I did a full Electra uninstall and could usually get it to work after the first or second try max. The new i OS 12.2.1 To i OS 12.2.2 jailbreak for all devices is now available to download!

It started to become more and more likely it would work the first time. That’s right, after months of waiting for a new jailbreak i OS 12.2.1, it’s now possible to jailbreak your i Phone or i Pad running i OS 12.2.1!

Those of you who have an understanding of programming, specifically the code found in the i OS platform, might be interested in checking the details out further (translated post via Google Translate).Select "Restore from i Tunes backup", select the backup you just made, then skip to step two.METHOD 3: Using saved shsh2 blobs: This method will work after Apple stops signing 10.2, but requires previously saved shsh2 blobs with tssaver.This will bring down a sheet where you can select the ipsw file you just downloaded. When it's finished, you should be at the setup screen.Set your language, wifi network, activation lock, etc, then it should give you 3 options.

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