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Please review our support policy notification for the Rosetta Stone Network Version 3 software located in the following link: information: Note: For broadest compatibility with the wide variety of operating systems currently on the market, Rosetta Stone's applications are built and distributed as 32-bit applications.Extensive testing has found Rosetta Stone to be compatible and fully-functional on modern 64-bit operating systems in their standard configuration.*Note for Macintosh Users: Rosetta Stone Manager, Rosetta Stone Version 3, and Rosetta Stone TOTALe are not supported on Power PC Macs. The Activation ID is a 27 character key printed on white mailing labels and can be found in the box that contains your Rosetta Stone Classroom Enterprise Version 3 CDs.If you’re using Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10, click here. For Windows 10, Date and Time settings should have Set time Automatically to set to On.Few lines below, verify your Timezone is correctly shown.Click here and follow the steps provided to ensure the Internet settings are correct, the Anti-Virus/Firewall is configured to allow Rosetta Stone, and to recreate the tracking file in case it has been corrupted. Send Rosetta Stone Product Support an email by clicking here.Use this article for general troubleshooting and FAQ information about Customer Hosted Rosetta Stone programs.You will also receive an update to our v5.0.37 program if your computer meets the system requirements.

You may also use this article if you've lost any of the installation disks included in your Rosetta Stone® Language Learning package.

Follow these directions to change your email address associated with a Rosetta Stone product.

These steps will help you change your email address for the following products: Rosetta Stone Online (subscription)Rosetta Stone CD-ROM (Version 5)Rosetta Stone Download Learn Languages With Rosetta Stone (mobile app)​In order to change your email address, you must have an online subscription through CD-ROM, Download, or Online products.

Error "Installation Aborted" usually occurs while installing the Application or while installing an update.

This issue is resolved by removing all Rosetta Stone® files and attempting to re-install.

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