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The ads include a mix of familiar neighborhoods and landmarks, along with average cycling time, highlighting how quick a trip by bike can be.The campaign includes a collection of postcards, each focusing on an important cycling topic.Helmets that don't meet the standards are known as "novelty helmets." A recent study found riders using novelty helmets were about twice as likely to die in crashes than riders wearing certified, full-face helmets (Rice , 2017).NHTSA laboratory tests also suggest that head injuries are much more likely with novelty helmets than with certified ones (NHTSA, 2007).As cycling continues to grow dramatically, the plan combines design, enforcement, legislation, policy and education to make the City’s streets safer for cyclists - and all street users.According to DOT’s Cycling in the City report, released May 2019, 24% of adult New Yorkers ride a bike, with a half-million cycling trips completed on a typical day.

That contrasts with 1980, when the typical owner was 27 (Motorcycle Industry Council, Motorcycle Statistical Annual, 2000). Today, 19 percent are (Motorcycle Industry Council, 2019).

NYC DOT distributes up to 325,000 copies per year of the New York City Bike Map, which contains the most important rules of the road highlighted in the Bike Smart Guide. Helmets are required by New York State Law for cyclists ages 13 years and younger.

DOT fits and gives away the official New York City bicycle helmet at free events throughout the city.

In 2017, 97 percent of motorcyclists observed in states with universal helmet laws were wearing helmets.

In states without such laws, helmet use was 48 percent (NHTSA, 2018).

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