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Because this validation script is as specific as possible, it does mean that the script may need to be updated as the postal code rules evolve (The Canadian postal code rules were modified after Nunavut was added in 1999).

You can directly edit the above text, by clicking on it. For removing a case just press Alt Backspace or Alt Delete.

In some cases, the country returned will be different from the one sent in.

For example, if you search for a ZIP code with country "US", but that ZIP code is located in the US Virgin Islands, the country returned will be "VI".

Our postal code lookup solutions are compatible on mobile, tablet, smartphone and EPo S kiosks.

Available as a local installation or as a web service (Saa S), and through technology partners.

While we now have a better-than-average postal code validation, it does not ensure100% correctness.

For instance, the locale “de” is a locale but could not be used with Postal code formats are simply regular expression strings.

Typos, misspellings and false information at the point of registration can cause a whole host of problems later down the line.

Accidental or intentional, you need to know what information is valid, and what isn't. A smooth onboarding process is crucial to the success of your business.

Use postal code lookup in your company database, CRM or ERP system and reduce the time needed for data entry.

Speed up queue times at your tills and service desks. Reduce the need for data cleansing in the future by capturing correct data first time.

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