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Typically the document type declaration will contain Output additional information according to output_option: entity Output definitions of all general entities not just for data or subdoc entities that are referenced or named in an ENTITY or ENTITIES attribute.

unused-param Warn about parameter entities that are defined but not used in a DTD.

For more details see clause 4.4.3 of Annex K of ISO 8879. CGI scripts) to prevent reading of arbitrary files on the Web server.

comment Output an _ command with the contents of a comment. With this option enabled, onsgmls will not read any local files unless they are located in a directory (or subdirectory) specified by the -D option or included in the SGML_SEARCH_PATH environment variable.

nonsgml In fixed character set mode, output \% escape sequences for non-SGML data characters.

Non-SGML data characters can result from numeric character references.

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