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Now, if you add the following code to your wsdl.exe-generated subclass of Soap Http Client Protocol, you’ll get an Argument Exception on the client when trying to write the invalid XML in the SOAP message.

The exception message will state that there is an invalid character.

) in instance documents even when they're not defined in the schema.

You use the following settings on the Xml Reader Settings class to specify what type of validation, if any, the Xml Reader instance supports.

However, it would be better to be able to use a framework class to do it without rolling our own.

Fortunately, there is such a class in the framework.

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Today I needed to change the code in TFS to better handle characters that are not allowed in XML.Elena Kharitidi suggested overriding the Get Writer For Message() method from Soap Http Client Protocol in the subclass that was generated by and providing a character-validating Xml Writer.The documentation shows an example of creating a subclass of Xml Text Writer to check the characters.Numerous programming examples and exercises are provided, including a fully-developed case study.Participants will receive a comprehensive set of materials, including detailed course notes and soft copy of all the programming examples and lab exercises.

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