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During college, Devyn was asked to move to New York to be a cast member on the hit MTV show The Real World: Brooklyn.

Quickly becoming a fan favorite, Devyn later appeared on two seasons of MTV’s other hit show The Challenge during which her memorable moments (including an epic 3rd place finish in the African desert and a funeral she held in honor of her beloved wig Tamera), left a lasting impression on viewers and even inspired Clinton Kelly to tweet her as his “all time favorite”, which was the beginning of their now real life friendship.

Syrtash, author of He's Just Not Your Type (And That's a Good Thing), and Wilser (The Maxims of Manhood) address many of the popular "rules" of dating in a he said/she said format by assessing each in light of their own opinions and experiences, as well as those of numerous interviewees, both male and female.

From long-distance relationships to Facebook stalking and the eternal question of whether to call or text, Syrtash and Wilser cover all the ground between the first meeting and the last goodbye.

For our last set of burning questions, we tapped Baya, Scott, Sarah, and Katelynn to get their last words on some touchy subjects. Gina, Reality Wanted: Obviously you knew that MTV was going to bring up your relationship with Ryan at the reunion but were you guys prepared to discuss it in front of everyone? It's hard to say anything beyond that because he is leaving and I am definitely not into dating someone on a long distance basis. when he gets home from Iraq, I would love for him to ask me out on a date :)Q. Gina, Reality Wanted: What was your reaction to Ryan calling you a bitch at the reunion in front of everyone? Sarah: I honestly didn't care, its not the worst thing hes said to me.. I'm happy he said it, cause it shows what a giant D-bag he can be. Its clear he has a problem with people having too many "favorites," which is laughable, and honestly, its not going to change my attitude. Gina, Reality Wanted: So there's supposedly audio of you hooking up with someone in the Real World house. Convenient how they chose not to air it though, right?Her love affair with the psychology behind relationships started when she was a little girl.Curious about the formula for a healthy relationship, Devyn would spend her weekly allowance on relationship and self-help books.In Love At First Swipe, Devyn Simone and Clinton Kelly help singles get the relationships they desire by transforming their look and their dating profiles.During each episode, Devyn takes a consultative approach by listening and learning about her guests’ past relationships before addressing dating behaviors and “relationship road-blocks” that have been holding them back.

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