Who is karina lombard dating

SULTRY brunette Karina Lombard, who’ll turn up on USA’s sci-fi hit “The 4400” later this summer, says her star turn on “The L Word” last year turned her off from girl-girl sex.“Before ‘The L Word,’ I thought I was bisexual,” Lombard tells the new edition of Playboy, in which she also poses nude. Doing it with women on the show got so repetitive that it took the edge off doing it with women off the show.Lombard thinks that she got the boot because other people on the show became jealous of her character’s growing popularity.

She was dating her boyfriend Anthony John Crane before the duo decided to get married.But she’s never achieved the kind of notoriety that came with her work on “The L Word.” Over the years, there have been rumors that Cruise had her blacklisted in the entertainment industry after she told a reporter that as a kisser, he only rated a six on a scale of one to 10. Any more information would ruin one of the hottest dramas of the summer.Lombard claims she’s never heard of that until now. A French-American actress and singer, Karina Lombard have been making her way through the industry in various motion pictures.After hard work and dedication, Lombard is gaining recognition from all over the world. Let’s dig information about her personal life along with her bio, wiki, career, net worth. Karina Lombard was born on 21 January 1969 under the birth sign Aquarius. At the age of 18, she moved to New York City and started modeling and acting.

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