Who is melina perez dating

But does the on-screen romance translate off-screen? She’s now the wife of WWE’s public enemy number one, CM Punk.

Kelly Kelly, or Barbie Blank (which is just as good of a wrestling name as Kelly Kelly, if not better), is a hot wrestler who has appeared in a number of TV shows and the reality program WAGS.

Triple H would then go on to cheat on Chyna with Stephanie Mc Mahon.

You are in our hearts forever & a part of each & every one of us sug!!! Great friends, delicious food, Batman, Robin Hood, great conversations, nothing but fun & wrestling!!!

Wrestler or not, we are all fans & you know we’ve all done her trademark Point at one time or another!!! pic.twitter.com/R5CMv SZKVb You’re going to make me cry!

This one has always been a rumor and has never been confirmed outright, but there is strong speculation that John Cena hooked up with CM Punk’s current wife, AJ Lee, in the past.

Lee has been romantically involved with quite a few wrestlers as part of her WWE storylines, seeing as she’s a wrestler herself, and Cena is on that long list.

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