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If that had been the case, he would have acted for the parish for whom he was a priest and the authority for carrying out the work would have been authorised by that parish.Clearly Peter was a man ‘in authority’ by himself and he must have been working ‘in his own right’, otherwise, he would not have had an official seal.After delivering that sermon he returned to Canterbury Cathedral and was slain a few days later.Perhaps, being a ‘man of the cloth’ himself, Peter actually knew Becket.Around the edge is the inscription (translated) ’Seal of Peter Priest of London Bridge’.

At the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1536, one of the first things that to be done by the King was to demand the surrender of the seal from each abbot or prior in charge of a religious house.

While doing my research into the beginnings of the stone London Bridge I came across some documents into the life of Peter of Colechurch that I had not seen before.

One article mentioned that, as well as supervising the work on the bridge, he had his own seal.

We do know that he was a Rector of a City church on the north side of Cheapside called St Mary Colechurch.

For that reason, he is usually known in the history books as ‘Peter of Colechurch’.

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