Who is terence lewis dating

That's how the iconic white costume for Ang Laga De happened," the choreographer added.

Deepika was also instructed not to wear any make-up, while Ranveer turned up on the set all oiled and bronzed.

It is a celebration of life, hence upbeat and high impact burning up to 500 calories an hour!

(This workshop is surely not for the weak hearted or weak knees)!

So if you are looking for some drama in your life, this is the class to be!

Next we explore the world of Mujra - the controversial sensual dance of the tragic courtesan of the 1970ies to finally move on to master the urban cool routines of the current chart busters!

With the chanting of Om the inner reverberations are used to lead the movement.

Borrowing from Yoga, the classic Kathak and Kalaripayattu – the ancient Indian martial art form – the class offers a rich and multi-layered content.

Yogic asana and breathing patterns form an integral part of the learning process.

Find the total experience with Terence's Indo-Contemporary Dance.

Feel your bodywork, awaken your Chakras (energy centres) – dance in perfect unison – body, mind and spirit!

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