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We are committed to discovering and providing resources that will empower people to fulfill their mission in their particular contexts and will equip individuals to fulfill their calling under the Lordship of Christ.

We prefer to cooperate in mutually beneficial ways with other organizations rather than to establish, own, and control our own institutions.

The Woodland period is characterized by a mixed subsistence pattern consisting of hunting, fishing and collecting wild resources.

Mississippian period subsistence consisted largely of estuarine fish and shellfish.

We will organize, make decisions, and carry out our mission in ways that earn trust.

United in our mission and our shared commitments, we will celebrate God’s gift of diversity among the individuals and churches of the Fellowship.

As cleanup crews were restoring this Florida spring to pristine condition, underwater archeologists sifting through the detritus that was pulled from the depths discovered artifacts that track the history of humans in the state. All Hubley toys were hand-painted and are now collectors' items.

Our Vision Statement is: Living the Gospel: Everyday, Everywhere, to Everyone.

Our church is affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, affirms the Baptist Faith and Message of 1963, and provides worship and leadership opportunities that include all congregants, regardless of age, gender or race.

First Baptist Church is the oldest established church in High Point, dating back to its founding in Jamestown in 1825.

Every believer and every church is responsible for sharing the Gospel with all people.

We want to enable believers and churches to work cooperatively with other Great Commission Christians to activate this global missions calling in their communities and throughout the world.

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